How we got 11.08x ROAS with YouTube ads

The Challenge:

  • Struggled to get their offer working online
  • Zero clarity on the effectiveness off their YouTube content
  • Unable to drive conversions from their YouTube content

The Result:

  • 11.08 ROAS from YouTube ad campaigns
  • Increased YouTube traffic by 13%
  • Revenue from YouTube is covering the ad spend

What You Will Learn In This Case Study…

✅ The importance of having clarity around what YouTube content is working and what isn’t working

✅ How to run YouTube ads that will grow your YouTube channel

✅ How to build YouTube ad campaigns that convert


Our client had an offer that converted extremely well from stage, TV and radio but they were really struggling to get it converting online.

Despite creating good content on YouTube, they didn’t have any clarity around what was working and what wasn’t. Which meant didn’t have an effective strategy in place to drive leads and sales.

The Solution

The first step we took was to identify our client’s best content through a free Xray analysis of their channel.

The Xray revealed that they were sitting on a gold mine of content and they simply hadn’t realised how good it was. 

That’s the beauty of the Xray. It shows us what video content was working, why it was working and how to use that data to create future content. 

No more guesswork, no more shooting in the dark.

The Xray gave our client the certainty they needed to improve their content and boost retention.

The Xray also revealed the videos to promote using our unique AMPLIFY strategy, which focuses on getting the best content in front of the brand’s target audience for as little as $5 a day.

This is how you profitably drive leads and sales at the same time as supercharging channel growth and strengthening a brand.

And unlike direct response YouTube ads, this strategy didn’t require our client to create a new type of ads because it all comes down to promoting the high retention content they were already creating.

We immediately started boosting our client’s best content. We built In-feed campaigns so that their videos appeared in key areas such as the YouTube search results, Watch Next and the Home Feed of their ideal customer.

This resulted in a rapid increase in traffic to our client’s YouTube channel. 

What’s more, thanks to our unique AMPLIFY strategy, our client was advertising on YouTube in a way that their customers loved.

They were delivering value with their content before asking for an opt-in or sale, and they didn’t have to rely on big claims or hype to get their target audience to take action.

YouTube also loves this way of advertising.

By creating good content with strong retention, viewers will stay on the platform for longer – which has a direct impact on the cost of advertising.

In 2022, we discovered that YouTube direct response video ads with high click through rates (CTR) generated dramatic increases in the cost of advertising (CPM).

Put simply, YouTube makes you pay more when people leave their platform.

(In fact, it was this breakthrough discovery that led us to AMPLIFY).

By advertising on the platform in a way that YouTube loves, we were able to build really cost effective campaigns for our client. 

The Results

We had finally got our client’s offer working online – a feat that they hadn’t been able to achieve before. 

And here’s why. Viewers were given a chance to know, like and trust the brand before they are asked to opt-in or buy.

(This is how you say goodbye to curiosity clicks and hyped-up messaging which hinders brand growth.) 

The best part about all of this was the return on investment. 

Our In-feed campaigns were achieving a whopping 11.08 ROAS in a matter of months.

The good results didn’t end there, though.

Alongside boosting leads and sales, they were growing their YouTube channel and building their brand.

Traffic to their YouTube channel by 13%. The revenue from our client’s content covering the ad spend!

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We partnered with our client to get their best content seen by their ideal customers, by advertising on YouTube in a way that the platform and their customers love.

This led to the brand finally being able to crack the online space with their offer.

And it all starts with an Xray.

Our client used our free Xray software to:

#1: Identify their gold mine of content they were sitting on, perfect for amplification. This allowed us to get their top content seen by their ideal customers to profitably drive leads and sales alongside supercharging their growth.

#2: Get certainty around what content to create going forward. In conjunction with our content frameworks, they were able to take the never-before-seen actionable insights and suggestions to reliably create killer content that they knew their target market would love.

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