We’re not like other Agencies

We’ve Worked With

Firstly, we only do YouTube Advertising

We have stayed in our lane for the last eight years and have cracked the formula for advertising on YouTube.

We have successfully run YouTube ad campaigns for large multinational brands such as HelloFresh and 4Patriots as well as smaller D2C and service-based brands – several of which have crossed the $1m/mth mark in profitable ad spend.

But what really lights us up is partnering with online training brands like you, to scale your campaigns like never before.

Secondly, we are performance-based

Which means…

We put our credit card on file, not yours.

Yup, you heard that right.

We don’t subscribe to the traditional “monthly fee + percentage of ad spend” financial model (it just doesn’t work, but that’s a conversation for another time).

Instead, we prefer working towards performance-based relationships where we fund the advertising and you pay for results. This financial model changes everything.

You see, when you’re paying on a “pay per lead” or “cost per sale” basis, you are no longer a client. We become partners.

The only way we can make any money is to deliver you results by building profitable, scalable campaigns that grow your company.

So, what would this mean for you?

You no longer have to rely solely on Facebook ads to grow your business…

You no longer have to pay 10-20% of your YouTube ad spend to an agency that may or may not get results…

You no longer have to bet the future of your business on an agency that could drop you like a hot potato (or downgrade you to “junior” media buyers) the moment a bigger client comes along…

You no longer have to figure this out by yourself…
And you no longer have to worry about missing out on a huge opportunity to grow and scale your company (because this is the power of YouTube ads – and yes, we have data to prove it)…

Instead, you can feel assured that your account is in the right hands, with an expert team handling it for you… Getting bigger and better results each month.

We are in this together — a true partnership.

How exactly do we do this?

We know exactly what’s working now on campaigns that are profitably spending 6 and 7 figures a month on YouTube. And we use our expertise to build profitable, scalable campaigns that grow your online training company like never before. Just imagine how that would transform your business?


Tom Breeze

As founder and CEO of Viewability and Ad Buyers Club, Tom Breeze has overseen $22.2million in ad spend over the last 12 months alone.

He has been running YouTube ads for over a decade. More recently, Tom launched an exclusive, performance-based YouTube advertising club, Ad Buyers Club, where he shares bespoke advice with his members and gives them access to his entire expert team and network of contacts.

Tom and his team at Viewability have cracked the formula for advertising on YouTube. Viewability is a performance-based agency, which means they only get paid when they get results.

So when they say they’ve cracked the formula, they mean it. Because otherwise, they wouldn’t be working with some seriously impressive partners.

With a Masters in psychology, Tom is an author and trainer, speaking at conferences worldwide.
But his real passion lies in helping small online training businesses grow and scale like never before.

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You don’t just have to take our word for it…

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